Yup, that guy is who I use to be. The big one. Scary huh?

"At the age of 7 my grandpa gave me my first camera, it was a Mamiya 500 TL | 35mm SLR". Ok not really, but isn't that the start journey of most photographers? My journey started a little different. At the age of 7 I received my first pair of football cleats. I can remember the exact smell of the rubber soles as I screwed in each stud with joy and excitement! That same excitement would carry me through several years of devouring new grass fields under 95+ degree heat down in Miami, Fla. 

I went on to play high school football where I received a scholarship to attend Carson-Newman University in Tennessee. Eventually I went on to graduate on the "5 year plan" and got a shot to prolong my football career professionally. There I was, standing back in 100 degree weather in training camp as a rookie with the Miami Dolphins. Never in a million years would I have thought my first pair of cleats at the age of 7 would lead me to play for the Miami Dolphins, Green Bay Packers, and the Kansas City Chiefs, in a 6 year span. Talk about a roller coaster!

So how in the world did photography come about in my life!?

What started as 'Off season documentations" during my living and training in San Diego, grew into a passion that led to my first camera. It was that same joy and excitement I experienced when I received my first pair of cleats. I knew during my playing years as a professional athlete I wanted to make a career out of photography when I was done. So during my playing years I learned, I asked, I googled, I shot aimlessly,  and searched YouTube for everything I needed to know to grow in the art of photography.

Why Wedding Photography?

People. The interaction and relationships I get to build through telling a couples love story is a rewarding feeling. To know that they'll be able to go back and re-live their wedding day is something I value. Did I mention the rush!? The obstacles and pressure you have to perform under when shooting a wedding are the same challenges I faced when playing football. I love that I always have to be prepared for the unexpected and adjust!

And there it is...

Everything you need to know on how this journey came about! Some quick personals...Im married to my California dream Kirby Toribio, and we have a 2 year old Ayla June Toribio, along with another surprise hitting us January 2019! We are growing!

Other random facts:

I've listened  to 50,097 minutes of music on Spotify this past year.

Die Hard Liverpool Football fan #YNWA

I hate mushrooms.

And no, that isn’t our house below. We just tried to be cool, hip, and vintage for this shot.

Cant wait to hear from you!