Options are like cupcakes, you pick the one with the most frosting!
— Toribio Photography


So you've come this far! And lets be honest, wedding planning can be a beautiful stress. Especially when it comes to choosing the right photographer to capture your special day! A lot of factors weigh in on choosing a photographer....style, location, personality, etc...but the main factor that decides it all is this one question: Does the photographers price fit your budget? If you are still reading this, I want to give you some FREE advice that I hope can help you in this beautiful season of wedding planning.


Before you decide to let a close friend or cousin Bobby who just got a Canon Rebel T6 for Christmas (great camera btw) shoot your wedding, keep in mind that your wedding day will fly by, so you'll want to have quality photos that you and your spouse can look back upon to re-live the day over and over again! 

When it comes to wedding photography, theres so much more than just point and shoot. Anyone can do that. A professional photographer invests, not only in the proper equipment but in you and your spouse with their time and passion to deliver photos for you to cherish. A professional photographer documents your day from start to finish telling a beautiful love story for the world to see!

Do some research, ask questions and then ask more questions! There are certain things worth investing in and a proffesional photographer for your wedding day is definitely one of them.




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Questions? Got you covered below...

Do you travel?

Yes. I do ask that travel accommodations are made for trips that are 2 hours or more.


What camera do you shoot with?

My beautiful Canon 5D MarkIII

Do you have a back up camera?

Yes. A second Canon 5d MarkIII travels to every shoot and wedding. 

How long does it take to get my photos?

5-7 Weeks. I personally edit each photo myself, so depending on how busy I am..earliest is 4 weeks and latest 7 weeks. I will have over 20 photos delivered to you within the first week for you to view and share with family.

How many photos will I get in return?

300 guaranteed. I aim to return close to 500. Final number is based on your wedding day activities.

How will I receive my images?

All photos will be hosted on an online gallery, where you can download photos in full resolution and easily share with friends and family!

No more CD’s and USB’S :)

Are you able to produce quality photos in low lit environments?

Yes. The Camera body and lens I use to shoot weddings are built for low lit conditions. I also have 3 Canon 600 EX-RT's for additional light if needed.

Do we meet in person?

Absolutely! My wife and I look forward to this part more than anything. Now if you are living on the other side of the country...thank goodness for technology! 

How do we book you?

Fill out the form below with your wedding info and I’ll walk you through that process.

For more questions and date availabilities...drop them below. Thanks!